Saturday, February 26, 2011

Junk Stores and Cool finds

With our rather small budget, we've decided to focus first on our bathroom.  The antique claw-foot bathtub has inspired us to go for a sort of steampunk look.  Our eventual plan is to paint the trim to look like old brass and add some sort of delicate Victorian wallpaper element to the lower section of the walls.  For now we're keeping an eye out for old industrial-looking objects which will later be the detail that ties the theme together.

Our first find comes from the kind of place I generally refer to as a "junk shop"(in a Orwell/1984 reference kind of way).  There are several of these delightfully un-curated stores scattered around Capitol Hill.  Sifting through the shelves and piles of interesting antique objects we found an old (working) army flashlight and some sort of small brass pail whose original use is unknown.  The two objects together cost us less than $10 and had a convincing industrial look once combined.  Toss some tea-lights on the shelves, turn on the flashlight and bam, super nice atmosphere. 

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