Monday, February 28, 2011

Work Space/ "Maker's Space: Seattle"

     Alright, so the chaos of stuff at last is mostly put away.  After months of being separated from my good old desk and piano-bench combo (a Bellingham curbside find which has become my studio standby) my first priority was to set up a workstation in the studio/office room.
     The ways that various people arrange their work space has always fascinated me.  I tend to always set up my space the same way no matter how many times I move: a wall of colorful paintings, posters, and trinkets for inspiration, my funky uneven shelving unit holding an array of art supplies, a magnetic strip to hold my sketches.  
   Some new additions this time around include Pantone boxes, bike gears, and an up-cycled art "frame" (DIY tip after the jump).
     I've been thinking lately about creating a book/photo-essay on the work spaces of various artists, musicians, and crafters in the greater Seattle area.  It's going to be a big project, but the idea of visiting and photographing peoples' studios (particularly in a raw, honest condition)  is really exciting to me.  Toss me an email if you or someone you know would be
 interested in participating (  Think of it as free publicity.  I intend to call it "Maker's Space: Seattle" and would like to have it finished by next fall.
DIY Scrap Metal Art Frame
     Somewhere between multiple moves in the last few years I picked up an interesting warped piece of metal which someone had painted bright red.  In previous apartments I have usually used it as tabletop tray to show off various small found objects.
     This "tray" also had had four small holes drilled into it at some point in time, which I had never really thought of in terms of functionality until now.  I ended up hanging the the tray on the wall of my studio just for a splash of color.  When I found two magnetic clips in the same moving box it occurred to me to use the red tray as a frame for a small illustration of mine.
     It's a simple idea...and probably fairly obvious, but I really like the result.

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