Monday, March 21, 2011

Army Blankets

I recently took a quick trip downtown to the Army and Navy Surplus store on 1st Ave in Seattle.  I was hoping to find some cheap old army blankets to use for various upcoming DIY projects.  I was amazed at how many options they had!  Thin little cot-sized blankets, super thick mostly synthetic "emergency blankets", blue blankets, good ol' army green blankets, black blankets, AND genuine Swiss Army issue blankets!  My original intention was to get something big enough to make a shower curtain out of, which I found, but I couldn't help but get a Swiss Army blanket too!  I've noticed there has been a bit of a fad revolving around the Swiss army insignia lately...I don't know WHY, but I will admit that I am equally drawn to it.

I will be posting projects soon related to how I end up using the big drab blanket, but I couldn't bare the thought of cutting the Swiss one up.  It has now found a home on the back of our futon, where it has somehow managed to transform the old piece of college furniture into something a little more quirky.  It inspired me to rearrange the livingroom.  That, in turn, reminded me that we have still neglected to put up any sort of artwork on the walls.  Must change that.

Army blanket!!

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