Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THE WOMB (Makers Space: Seattle)

During my trip to Bellingham,WA, I visited Jinx ArtSpace.  Jinx is an incredible art CoOp where crafters, painters, musicians, and other makers rent individual studios or share the vast basement space.  Jinx has become an integral part of Bellingham's thriving arts and music community, holding monthly all-ages concerts and art shows as part of the city's "First Friday Art Walk".   I spent the afternoon with my old friend Brendan, who showed me the
art/practice space he shares with his band mates.

Aptly named, The Womb is a small room hidden in a corridor in the shared basement area, lit atmospherically by string lights and a floor lamp.  Brendan's band "Falling Upstairs" rehearses in the space, which is filled with effects pedals, instruments, show posters, and a few of Brendan's sculptural pieces.

More photos after the jump!  (unfortunently I neglected to bring a decent camera with me, so a re-shoot will probably be necessary before publication.

Chalkboard paint, set lists
I was super impressed by this piece Brendan made to hang from the ceiling, which holds colored string lights
Art made by the bandmates and their friends adorn the walls, along with atmospheric lighting and tree branches

 For the complete interview and more photos, keep an eye out for my book (which will be coming out this summer).  Updates and teasers from other "Makers" will be posted here!

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